The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

One Month of Reid

Here are some pictures of the little dude in his first month:

 The day we came home from the hospital.

 Those hands are always in his face. It drives me (and him) crazy. He's always knocking himself in his face and waking himself up. Plus, look at the size of those things. His hands and feet are gigantic!


 Sister love. All. Day. Long.

 First taste of an M&M. I will have to watch that sister of his verrrry closely.

 Maybe he will be a piano player??? =) Mom can only hope...

And a little grin for ya.

Reid Month 1

1/6/13 - 

Reid, RJ, Reid Dude, Little Dude, Little moose, (Those last three are your sister’s nicknames for you)

What a sweet boy you are! I feel like Heavenly Father knew exactly what He was doing when He sent you to us. Your mild temperament (so far) has allowed us to still give your sister the attention she needs, especially as we transition from one to two children and figure out how to best divide our time/attention. Thanks for being a pretty easy baby!

You are our skinny, scrawny, little, old man. Although you weigh more than you look. You were almost 11 pounds at your one month doctor’s visit which puts you in the 80th percentile for weight. You’re also very long, 80th percentile for height. I think the size of your head makes you look really little. You have a tiny head. Our biggest question right now is who do you look like? Some people say my dad, some people say your dad’s dad. Some people think me. Nobody ever thinks your Dada. =) It will be fun to see how you develop over the next few months and who you start to look like. 

You are a typical newborn--eating every 3 hours, sleeping for about 2 in between. The other night you gave us a 4 hour stretch in the night and I felt like that was heaven. 

You have a love/hate relationship with being swaddled. It’s seriously the best way for you to sleep longer stretches, but you just grunt and groan and try and work your way out of it for the last 45 minutes as you’re trying to wake up. So I usually only swaddle you for one 3 hour stretch at night, and you spend the rest of the night sleeping by one of us. 

The other day as I was getting your sister dressed, and you were relaxing in her crib, you put yourself to sleep in there. It was hilarious and something your sister didn’t do until she was months old. Maybe I’ll luck out and you’ll transition really well to your own crib. Or maybe it was a fluke. We’ll see!

You love to be snuggled and warm, which is the opposite of your sister. When you get sleepy, all you want to do is be wrapped in at least 2 blankets and cuddled up with Mom or Dad. 

You are becoming more alert and attentive. You are very good at focusing on someone’s face and you can tell you are dying to “talk.” You have started smiling recently, and it is the cutest thing. You do a little half smirk thing, that I love. 

Thanks for coming to our family, little dude! Oh how we love having you around. Especially that sister of yours. She hugs on you all day long and you are the first person she asks for when she gets up in the morning and from her nap. I hope you guys will become best buds.

We love you!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meet Reid

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Addi had her first real "snow experience" while we were in Michigan after Christmas. She doesn't really have the appropriate snow gear, but as you can tell, she loved it. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas Day

**It's amazing the amount of blogging that can be accomplished when both children are napping, but someone please explain why I am not napping???**

Christmas Day 2012:

 Cars and trains for my girl this year...and my boy...but mostly my girl since she's obsessed with all things mobile lately. 

 So excited for Dada to open her cars!

 We found a fake white tree on sale and had to have it! So out went our real tree on Christmas Eve, and  here's our new pretty white one!

 You know, just playing trains in the nude.

 I think she likes them!

 New clothes for my growing girl! I seriously cannot keep up with this girl and her need for new clothes and shoes lately. 

A movie! Which she will still only sit and watch for 20 minutes, but hey that's something. This girl does not sit still. 

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2012:

 So we all turned around for 2 seconds, and when we looked back, Addi had picked up Reid and was trying to hold him. I'm in trouble!

 We have two kids. Weird. 

 Addi reading to Grandma and Grandpa J. (They came for a few weeks in December and Addi was in heaven with all of the attention. Grandma J got up with her every morning and fed her breakfast so I could sneak in a few extra minutes of sleep. Grandma J also did our laundry, kept our house clean, and cooked every meal for weeks. Thank you for all of your help, Grandma J. Grandpa J took his job as baby holder very seriously. I don't think Reid slept anywhere but someone's arms for weeks! We sure miss you both around here! Addi misses playing with your iPad, Grammy =) )

Here's what Reid thought of the whole thing.