The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Monday, September 12, 2011

9 Months

Your dada helped me with this little photo shoot, so in most of the pictures you have this ridiculously large grin on your face.


Addi Bug,

Your 9th month was an adventure:

You started deciding that sleeping from 8 pm to 7:30 am wouldn’t be a bad idea...and then you started teething. That was the first thing to go out the window. Along with it went your pleasant, sweet attitude and then your ability to go to people you didn’t know very well. Which basically means you turned into a little bit of a pill this month. You went from my little toothless wonder to having 2 bottom teeth and 2 top ones on their way. I’m just praying this phase is over soon and you return to your normal self. You are kind of miserable...

You are completely done with baby foods. You are quite adventurous in your trying of real foods. You will eat anything we give you, and most of the time you like it! I was shocked when you had eggplant and then begged for more. We feel so lucky you are such a wonderful eater. This also means that you are only nursing, at most, 2 times a day and taking a bottle before bed. I feel like this came a little earlier than planned, but I am grateful you are weaning yourself and I don’t really have much say in the matter. You have also completely mastered your sippy cup this month. Big girl!

You are making all sorts of crazy sounds. You love to smack your lips and your newest trick is the motorboat. You do this loudly. And mostly in places where you should be quiet, like church. At least everyone thinks it’s funny, right?

You learned to crawl this month and you are now into everything. You started by crawling backwards. Then you did the army crawl for about 2 weeks, before you decided you could use your legs too. It’s still so funny to see you try and book it across the room when you see something you want, which is usually something you aren’t supposed to have.

One day this month I went into your bedroom to get you up from nap time and you were sitting up. You had gone from laying down to sitting for the first time! Now you’re a total pro. You also started to pull yourself up this month. My days of being able to set you on the ground and know that when I go back you would be in the same place are over!

You started doing something really strange this month. When someone holds you close and you are facing them, you reach for their eyes and pull on their eyelashes. Then, you try to eat them. It makes us laugh like crazy! Where did this come from, silly girl?

You have many loves. You love stuffed animals, and get super excited and squeal when we give one to you, all the while squeezing the life out of the poor thing. You love when your Dada comes home from work, and most days flail your arms until he picks you up. You love to be thrown onto the bed and tossed around, and you laugh like crazy when we play rough with you. You love bathtime, and make this incredibly loud laughing sound right when you hear the water running.

Oh how big you are getting and oh how much we love you, baby girl!


Mama & Dada