The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Sunday, April 26, 2009

End of the Semester Papers, Presentation and Finals!

Well Bekah has been so busy so I thought I would provide a blog update!

In 10 days we will be halfway done with our Masters Programs! This is so exciting! Until then we will be busy at work finishing (and starting) papers, presentations, and finally studying for Final Exams. Bekah has the bulk of her work this week, and since her program doesn't believe in tests/finals she will be free of school after Thursday. She is then planning on relaxing, going to Barnes and Noble to start her summer book reading collection, and is also going to run a 5K on Saturday. Not to mention that this bekahs birthday is on Wednesday so we will be doing some major partying (on Thursday once she is done with school)!

I am so proud of her hard work this school year, she has learned a lot in school and has also really enjoyed her first practicum. She has been a real trooper commuting down to Indianapolis 2 days a week (sometimes in really bad Indiana weather). For her practicum she worked at Tippacanoe County Council on Aging. This organization runs the Local Senior Center, Meals on Wheels Program, and SHARP (Senior Housing Assistance Repair Program). She has been heavily involved in modernizing the SHARP program and has made a big difference in the program. All the staff and seniors at the center really love her and will miss her.

I will be done with classes on Thursday. For one of my classes instead of a Final we had a big presentation which was this last week so that class is done! Now I have one final paper to do this week, and then it is on to studying for Finals! I have 3 next week. One on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with an additional presentation on Tuesday for my 5th class this semester. I will then need to enter all of my students grades in and call it quits for the semester. Yay!

We are looking forward to a break from school, a change of scenery, and hopefully seeing each other more.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It will all be worth it in the end.

I promise we're still alive; we're just really ridiculously busy. I just keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end because as of late I'm beginning to wonder what I was thinking!! I'm barely keeping my head above water at this point and Chad is taking 18 credits this mod, so he's just as busy. What that really means is that we say goodbye to each other on Sunday night and don't really see each other until Thursday. Don't get me wrong, we love school. We both feel very blessed to have been afforded this opportunity. If we had to go back, we'd choose to do it all over again in a heartbeat. But this is probably the hardest thing we've ever done.

It will all be worth it in the end...

At least it will all be worth it when we're sailing toward the Caribbean on the Carnival Destiny, catching up on leisurely reading, and sipping fruity drinks (sin alcohol, of course) on the beaches of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

Oh how May 9th can't come soon enough.