The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Friday, July 22, 2011

7 Months (A little late)

This new cheeser grin is my favorite. Makes me giggle every time I see it!

Oh how we love that Buddha belly!

July 8, 2011

Sweet Cheekers -

I keep telling myself with each new phase you enter, that the last one was my favorite...but I really do think this is my favorite stage! You are just too much fun to have around.

Here’s a little of what things were like for you in your 7th month:

You are officially rolling over from back to front, and we’ve now witnessed it! You started doing this in your crib. I would lay you on your back, and go in and find you on your tummy. Now, if you’re on your tummy, you’re rolling everywhere!

You’re a crazy sleeper. It’s funny to see what positions and where you end up in your crib after you’ve been sleeping. I also always put a blanket over you before you go to sleep, and you kick and kick until you get it off your legs. You hate having your legs covered while sleeping.

Several people have mentioned this to us, and we’ve noticed it too, but you use your feet as hands. You’ll play with toys with them and use them to feel books during storytime. It’s quite hilarious. This is why we’ve started calling you our little monkey.

You can now put your paci back in by yourself! Hallelujah! We can give it to you in any position and you can get it in the right way. It’s quite the monumental occasion in our house.

You got sick for the first time. I guess I should be grateful that you made it all the way to 7 months without getting sick, but I was kind of a mess. You had a fever for several days, that always seemed to go away in the morning but come back in full force in the evening. You slept from 7PM to 7AM, which never happens and partly how we knew something was wrong. After a few days of the fever not going away, and one evening where it reached 103.5, I decided to take you to the doctor the next day. Well the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with you the next day, and surprise! your fever had disappeared. I felt a little like an overly worried mother, but I was grateful nothing was seriously wrong. While we were there the doctor inspected you for everything: she checked your ears and even looked at your body to see if you had a rash. She told me about roseola: sometimes babies will have a fever for a few days that will eventually go away and then a rash will appear, but you didn’t have a rash. Well, within 24 hours you had developed a pretty ugly looking rash all over your torso and back. You had roseola! I wasn’t an overly worried mother, I knew something was wrong! Ha! Don’t worry, you got better in no time.

You are really taking to this whole food business. You love food and are getting so much better with textures. Things you wouldn’t eat before, you now love, like asparagus and lima beans. You tried some pulled pork the other day and begged for more!

You went on your first flight (x2)! We flew out to California/Utah to visit family. It was an adventure. You were pretty good, and didn’t scream or anything. You just hate being held when you’re trying to sleep, so it was a little rough when you got tired. Your mama was a stress case about the whole thing, but your dada was so calm! I hope you take after your dad in that respect.

You also went on your first trip to the beach. You didn’t love the water at first, but you got used to it eventually and started to squeal when it would touch your legs. You really wanted to eat the sand, so we had to keep you on the blanket. You had a good time, though. I’ll share more about our big vacation in your next letter.

We love you little Bug!


Mom & Dad

During your shoot, I couldn't get you to leave your bear alone. I would take it away, put it down really fast, try to distract you, and then this is what happened. Every. single. time.