The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Pretty sure we don't need an explanation for this one.

Bubbles & Nails

We painted fingers and toes--well, we attempted to paint fingers and toes. Just don't look too closely. The subject was a bit wiggly.

Bathtime with bubbles. She actually loved them, she was just angry I wouldn't give her the camera. But that pouty lip? Is there anything better?

She did not enjoy the bubbles on her face, though.

Favorite part of bathies? Drinking the water from the hair washing cup. Disgusting.

But how do you say no to this sweet face?

Monday, March 19, 2012

15 Months



You are 15 months! What??? I just wanted to document some of the things you’ve been doing lately.

You are full on talking now. You can say: Mama, Dada, Jenni, Lexa, Grandpa, sometimes Grandma, Bella, hereyougo, thank you, good girl, please, story, sorry, eyes, no, belly, ball, baby, hi/hello, car, shoe, sock, buhbye/bye, all gone, bum, diaper, oh/whoa/wow, some, bubble, nana, beans, peas, cookie, pizza, paci, side (outside) and Addi. You can sign milk, more, please, water, drink, and eat. You know animal sounds: quack, moo, neigh, baa, meow, woof, roar, and what the rabbit, squirrel, and fish do. You will basically repeat every thing we say to you, which had you trying to say asparagus at dinner a few nights ago. It was close, but not really. =)

It’s amazing to me how quickly you can pick up a word. We were in the parking lot at the store the other day when an older child yelled, “Die!” And then for the next 3 days, you went around the house screaming, “Die!” What a sweet gal.

For several months, you lovingly referred to your pacifier as your “piss.” At least now you have added the “i,” so it has become your “pissi.” We laugh at this.

You can fold your arms and close your eyes for prayers, but closing your eyes is really squinting your eyes and and scrunching your nose. We love it.

Singing songs is such a big part of your life right now. You like to be sung to when you’re stressing over something, which means I am often singing to you for 30 minutes while I’m cooking dinner. Your favorite song is Itsy Bitsy Spider complete with the actions, and then Popcorn Popping. We’ve been singing the clean up song for a while now, while cleaning up in the evenings. A few weeks ago I heard you “singing” the clean-up song. You weren’t singing “clean up”, it was more like, “eee uh, eee uh,” but you had the right tone. So funny. You sing that every time we clean up now.

You seriously wave and say “hi” to everyone we see when we go out. It’s pretty cute, but we really don’t need to stop and talk to everyone at the store, ok, Bug?

It is quite obvious you do not have to share and you get most everything you want. You tend to let out a yell when someone takes a toy from you, which can turn in to quite a meltdown if your attention isn’t redirected somewhere else right away. Oh will you have some difficult lessons to learn!

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, we have been spending most of our days ‘side. You like to dig in the mulch and dirt and get filthy. And then you cry when we come inside.

Your little ears can pick out a barking dog from what seems like miles away. And you always acknowledge a barking dog with a little “woof.” You are quite fascinated with dogs. We were driving home a few nights ago and you were extremely displeased about something. I’m pretty sure you were just exhausted. I turned around to console you at a red light, when you looked out the window and instantly smiled from ear to ear. We were stopped by a pet store and there was a poster in the window with a dog on it. You started woofing at the dog, and for the few minutes we were at the light, you were quite happy.

You are so full of personality. We are always laughing at the crazy things you do. We just love you, sweets!

Mom & Dad

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A girl and her chair

A few months ago, we were wandering through HomeGoods and stumbled across this little purple paisley chair. And because Addi needed it (or maybe Mama needed it?), it jumped right into our cart. She is ecstatic about her chair. Obviously...