The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Monday, March 18, 2013

3 Months of Reid


Mr. Reid,

Ok, so my sweet little mister is making his reappearance. Last month was rough, dude. I’m so glad that you’re becoming a little easier to handle this month. I was getting worried. =)

During your third month:

You started rolling over from tummy to back. Whaa??? Why do my children insist on growing up so fast? Your sister did the same thing. Luckily, you rolled over a ton for a few days and then stopped for a while. Thank goodness. I’m not ready for a rolling baby. 

You smiled all the time! Your sweet, cheeky grin is my favorite.

You discovered just how fun Dad can be. You started smiling so big at Dada this month. You still prefer Mama, but you like to play with Dad. 

You still do not nap well in your crib. I’m talking 30-45 minutes max. You really just want to be held for your naps, but you will be forced into sleeping in the swing if necessary. Mama needs to start working on this with you, or else you’ll have to be held for naps until you’re 2! You are sleeping about the same at night, 5-6 hours, then 3 hours, and then 2ish more hours. I’m so looking forward to the days where you will only wake up one time in the night!

You blink like crazy when your sister comes close. She’s a little aggressive at times, and mostly just wants to love you too much, but it freaks you out. You are not afraid to let her know how you feel. You still love to watch her, and your little neck will stretch like crazy just to follow her across the room.

You started cooing. Oh that deep little voice is so cute. You also do a high pitched squealing thing when you’re frustrated or excited, which I’m sure will become less than pleasant but for now is pretty adorable. 

You really love to be sitting up, so we’ve started putting you in the Bumbo more and in the exersaucer. You’ll sit in both of those for quite a while. You'll also swing for a while, too, which is something your sister never did. You are proving to be a little more mild-mannered than Addi, but I do see a lot of similarities in your personalities. I hope that doesn't mean we're in for trouble! =)

Love you little man!
Mama & Dada