The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Monday, February 18, 2013

Reid Month 2

2/6/13 - 


Boy did you have us fooled last month. Our sweet-tempered, easy-peasy baby turned into a difficult-to-soothe, only-naps-when-held, prefers-to-be-walked-around-infant. Don’t get me wrong, you are definitely still a super sweet boy. You are still so smiley, and mostly content but some of your temperament is starting to shine through and you have more of your sister in you than we previously thought. It’s ok though, because we love babies with some spunk. We can do that around here. =)

Here’s what you were up to in your second month:

You love your Mama. You give her some of your biggest, sweetest grins.

You are also fascinated with your sister. You watch her, talk to her, smile at her, and coo along with her when she sings to you. Makes us happy parents!

You are super smiley for the 30 minutes after you are fed. 

You started sleeping between 4-5 hours at night, eating, and then going back down for a few more. You will sleep the whole night in your bassinet in our closet. Hallelujah. 

You are not an evening person. From about 4 o’clock on, you’re just kind of fussy. You want to be up moving around, and you’re no longer content to lay on the floor. 5-6 is definitely your witching hour, right when I’m trying to make dinner!

You started filling out! You have some pretty cute, chubby cheeks and a big Buddha belly. The rest of you is kind of scrawny, though. Little chicken legs and arms. Just looking at you, nobody would guess you are in the 80th percentile for height and weight. It’s all in that belly!

You will fall asleep on your own in your crib for naps, but will wake up after 45 minutes, even though you’re not done napping. Then you just want to finish your nap in Mama’s arms. Silly boy. I keep telling myself to enjoy this phase of life, because there will come a time where I will miss you letting me hold you while you sleep. 

You are getting super strong! You prefer to be “up” and looking around. You like tummy time way more than your sister ever did, and you push your chest off the ground like a pro.

You can be so chill sometimes. You will sit in your bouncy seat or lay on your playmat or the floor for quite a while if you are content. 

We sure do love you, little dude! You’re growing up so fast...want to slow down a little bit? =)

Mama & Dada

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2 Years of Addi

*This should have gone up two months ago, but like in all things lately, I am behind. =)*

12/8/2012 - 

Addi Bug,

You, my dear, are so so big. I think I realized it when you came to visit us in the hospital after your baby brother was born. It was like, all of a sudden you knew you were going to have to grow up a little bit faster so that you could be a big helper at home. And you have been exactly that! You fetch diapers and burp rags (or raggers, as you refer to them). You help me to burp Reid. You are on paci patrol, always making sure he has his paci and giving it to him when he needs it, and sometimes when he doesn’t. You are almost like his little Mama. If you could feed him, I think you would! When he is waking from a nap in his room, you will hear him at the same time as I do and say to me, “Me go get him, I be riiiiiight back.” =) It has been one of my greatest joys in life to watch you and your brother together--and I think the fun is just beginning!

At 2 years old:

You are seriously so funny. You just say some of the craziest, funniest things. Your favorite YouTube video for a while was the “Charlie Bit My Finger” video and you would go around saying, “Charlie, that really hurt!” in various voices.

You are quite sassy. You have learned the phrase, “That’s mine!” And you use it frequently. Mostly when referencing Mama and Dada’s phones or iPad. You have started throwing tantrums, but you are generally pretty easy to talk down off the ledge or distract.  

You put yourself in time-out. Obviously time out is not working very well, because when you do something naughty you ask to go to time out. What to do with you...

You are an excellent talker, and you talk all day long. We can understand most of what you say, but there are times you fill in the words we know with words we don’t, and it sounds a lot like gibberish to us! 

You are addicted to the iPhone/iPad and you can find your way to any app or video you want to see. You also find your way to videos we don't want you to see. Trouble, trouble! It’s crazy how quickly you have picked up on technology.

You love to sing songs. We spend a good chunk of our day singing songs together. Your current favorites are “Twinkle, Twinkle,” “I Am a Child of God,” and “Ring Around the Rosie.” You know most of the words, too! 

You will not sit still for very long. I keep hoping your attention span will lengthen so that we can actually sit down and read a whole story together. But for now, you are just too busy. You are always on the go, moving from one activity to the next, often trying to do two things at once!

You are also an awesome eater. You fit right in in this house. You are a food lover! Tomatoes, you love ‘em! Guacamole, you’ll scarf it down! Onions, you’ll eat ‘em whole! I think we are pretty lucky that you don’t fight us too much on the meal front. I hope you are always an adventurous eater. 

You have a pretty good handle on your ABC’s, 123’s, shapes, and colors. For the longest time you were neglecting number 9. I don’t know what it was. Finally it clicked, and 9 is no longer forgotten. 

You are a social butterfly. You love nursery, playgroup, lunch bunch...any place where you can go and interact with others. You know all the kids and leaders names in nursery. You love to people watch.  

Some things you don’t like:

The doctor. Holy smokes. You scream almost the whole time we’re there. Even when she’s just asking us questions! 

Getting your hair washed. You love baths, but hate getting your hair wet. 

When someone tells you “no” or to be told you are too little for something. You want to do EVERYTHING yourself. =) Typical two year old!

Going to the store without a snack. Heaven help us if we forget one.

Talking about throwing your pacifiers away. You still get them when you’re in your crib, and only when you’re in your crib...but boy do you love those things. We start talking about taking them away and you almost have a meltdown.

The vacuum. Although, your Dada has been working with you on this one and you are getting much better. There was a time where we would mention the word vacuum and you would get tears in your eyes. 

Bug, we love you. Our house wouldn’t be complete without your energetic, sassy, full of it, self!

Mama and Dada