The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Friday, September 20, 2013

9 Months - Reid version

That sister had a total meltdown because I wanted to take pictures of just you first. 



9 months of you. This was my favorite month so far. 

You miraculously turned a huge corner in the eating department. I realized your problem was that you really just wanted to feed yourself and you didn’t want anything to do with baby food. Once we figured that out, we put the kabosh on the baby food and just cut all of our food into tiny pieces and let you feed yourself. It made meal time so much less stressful. You were eating what we were eating! And you liked it! And I didn’t have to feed you that pureed stuff anymore! Win-win for everyone. 

You are crawling all over the place! You started doing that two weeks after I wrote your 8 month post. You are kind of a different kid. You love being so mobile. You went from crawling to pulling yourself up on everything in a matter of days. 

This newfound freedom means you have become a rockstar at entertaining yourself. I love that I can set you down in a room with some toys and you will just play and play by yourself. It makes my life easier because I can entertain your sister, who still does not know how to entertain herself. 

Your top left tooth broke through. You’re a pretty decent teether. You don’t fuss too much and you don’t demonstrate many other symptoms.  

I finally have a child who will sit and watch television. I mean really watch television. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for being a pretty easy-going little guy!

We started sleep training this month. Oy. I hate it. We’re going on two solid weeks of letting you cry at night. You are, however, getting much better. The time that you spend crying is getting less and less, and you are crying fewer times throughout the night. My goal is to get you down to 1 feeding a night by 10 months, and then we can work on that one after that. 

You’re still not making many sounds, except when you are hungry. Then you let us know with your deep, raspy voice how displeased you are that your food is not in front of you. 

I love this age. I love seeing your cute little personality developing. 

We love you, Monster!

Mama & Dada

Monday, September 2, 2013

Fire Engines!

Addi has a thing for fire trucks, or as she calls them, fire engines (and school buses, too, but that's a post for another day). So when our playgroup went to tour the local fire station, we had to go!