The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chad's Birthday

Chad turned 25 last Saturday. Here's the handsome birthday boy donning his smashing new blazer, compliments of his loving wife. (I did good didn't I!?!)
Blowing out the candles (with Mokie)
Happy Birthday, babe!

Valentine's in Nauvoo

For Valentine's weekend we went to Nauvoo, which is probably one of my most favorite places. Chad had never been before so it was fun showing him around! Here's what we did:

Stayed at a cute little B & B

Took a freezing cold Conestoga wagon ride...

Did a session at the temple

Got our brick at the Brick Yard

Visited the Smith Family Cemetery (resting places of Joseph, Hyrum, Emma, Joseph Sr., and Lucy Mack)

Stood at the part of the Mississippi where the pioneers crossed

Made our own rope at the Family Living Center

Shared a delicious dinner (and dessert) at The Mercantile

Visited Carthage (Joseph fell to his death out of the top right window after being shot)
That was our trip! We had such a good time and enjoyed the much needed break from our busy schedules. If anyone wants to come visit, we're only 5 hours away and we'd love to go back! =)