The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Monday, December 9, 2013


Addi loved Santa this year...

Reid did not.

October - Irons Fruit Farm

Irons Fruit Farm is a fun little place. It's a pumpkin patch with animals and yummy donuts and apple fritters. We have a tradition of going in October to eat the treats and check out the animals. The kids had a wonderful time playing in the leaves this year. 

 Real Life.

Apple Pickin' - September

Wow. I am not that far behind in blogging. Not at all. This happened in September. =)

We went to a local orchard with our friends, the Brown's. Addi loved picking the apples, and she really loved eating them. She ate an entire apple while we were picking. 

1 Year Old! Reid Version

12/6/2013 - 

Oh Reid,

1 already. And what a handsome little man you are turning into! Thanks for coming to our family. We can’t imagine what our world would look like with our Reidy Boy.

Last month:

You sprouted another tooth. Grand total = 7!

You slept through the night more times than you didn’t. Halle-freaking-lujah. 

You went down to one bottle before bed. My hope is that we can eliminate this feeding and be done with bottles! Yahoo!

You took off. You started walking last month, but only taking a few steps here and a few steps there. This month, while we were in Michigan before Thanksgiving, you decided you were ready to walk. And you haven’t quit since. 

You generally are a pretty happy kid, aside from the witching hour. 4:30-5:30 can be rough with you still, but a few snacks go a long way. =) Speaking of eating, you are a pretty good one. Your favorite foods are bananas and most fruits, pizza, noodles, and tomatoes. You will grunt until you are fed. And if anyone is eating anything in front of you, you will beg until they share. 

You have a pretty strong preference for Mama and Dada, but there are some people you will go to without a fuss. You are not nearly as attached as your sister was at this age. Thank goodness. 

You can sign “more” and you respond to milk and eat. You are still not much of a talker. You say dada and mama but nothing else. I swear I heard you say “hi” the other day but I haven’t heard you say it again. You will also tap your head when we ask you where your head is and you clap your hands on cue too. This is such a fun age as you learn to respond to us. You also click your tongue and love to have tongue clicking wars with us. 

You have been an absolute joy in our lives, little boy. We feel so lucky to know you. Your sister adores you, sometimes a little too much. You are a good sport to put up with it so well. 

Love you!
Mama and Dada

Halloween 2013

I hate Halloween. I understand it can be so much fun for kids, but the pressure for the parents is just too much for me. I hate planning out the costume, finding the costume, buying the costume, buying candy, dealing with my kid only wanting to eat candy for days, etc. I'm a total Halloween Scrooge. That being said, it was a blast to see these cute kiddos all dressed up and excited for trick-or-treating. Addi loved it, even though it absolutely poured. (Better for us, we only had to go to a few houses). Addi went as Doc McStuffins this year, and Reid was a cute little cowboy. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

11 Months - Reid Version (one month late)

11/6/2013 - 

Reidy Boy - 

Your first birthday is right around the corner and I cannot even believe it! You are starting to lose a little of your baby look and turning into more of a little boy. 

Here’s how the last month went:

You now have 6 cute teethies. I am obsessed with your little grin.

You do this little “touchdown” pose when we say it to you. Adorable.

You have turned into an amazing eater, most of the time. We call you a little garbage disposal. There are times where you frustrate me, though. You will not eat something that you’ve devoured just a few days before and instead will throw it on the floor. The throwing on the floor thing is so annoying, little dude.

You have slept through the night a few times this month. Woot! You also quit breastfeeding this month. You now take 2 bottles a day. 

You are really clapping now. You’ve started responding to some signs, like more, milk, and eat. You are a little dancer! You groove whenever you hear a catchy tune. 

You’ve turned in to a total flirt at church. You do the same thing that your sister did. You stand up on the bench, turn around, and give the biggest, toothiest grin to the back row. 

You’ve become a total Dada’s boy this month. You grunt when you see him walk in the door after work, until he picks you up. There have been a few times where I’ve had to take you away from Dada so he could do something and you’ve totally cried. I don’t know whether to be sad that you do this, or just be grateful you have such a good Dada. A little of both, I guess. 

You took a few steps this month! NO NO NO! =)

Love you, little man!

Mama and Dada