The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Thursday, June 20, 2013

April - Utah Trip Part 4, Cousin Love

For your viewing pleasure, three of the cutest little ladies I know (with personality plus):

Just wishing we lived closer so we could get these gals together more often!

April - Utah Trip Part 3, Grandma Great

I don't think there was anyone that Addi was as excited to see as Grandma Great. These pictures explain it all:

4 Generations

April - Utah Trip Part 2, Heber Creeper

While in Midway, we rode the Heber Creeper.

 A girl and her ticket.

 Don't be fooled. After about 5 minutes, all she cared about was the snacks. 

 They did a little "show" on the train, complete with a bandit and a train conductor. 

 Addi still talks about the conductor and helping to untie his rope. She doesn't forget anything.

April - Utah Trip Part 1

We went to Utah in April. The first half of the trip we spent in Midway and Lindon, with Chad's side of the family. These cute little girly cousins had a blast together, and Grandma sure kept them busy with fun activities! 
Before the Easter Egg Hunt

 Running to gather the eggs!

 The pinwheel, a favorite amongst the littles. 

 Play-dough with Grandpa

 At the park

 Addi loved the mountains!

 The best group shot I got. =)

Easter - Yes, I am that far behind.

Easter - '13

 Trying to get a good shot of her freshly curled hair is almost impossible. She doesn't slow down!

 The loot. Half of the chocolate was consumed in this sitting. 

 Cute boy!

 We dyed eggs.

 And had an egg hunt!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

March 2013 - Catching Up, As Usual

March was a pretty low-key month for us. The weather was frigid and the children were sickies, so we spent a good chunk of time inside. Here are just a few things I want to remember:

 Big sister, always close by whenever Reid was awake

Sicky Face 

 iPad time and someone found his hands!

 Smiles, smiles, smiles.

Addi developed an obsession with putting on Reid's socks. Weirdo. 

 A little eye poke...

Resulting in a squeal. It was an accident. This time....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

6 Months, Reid Version

I'm just going to apologize now, Reid. You will never have anything of your own. Your sister is, shall we say, very "involved." She loves you... 

 ...sometimes a little too much. You aren't shy about letting her know how you feel about her being so close to you all the time, though. 


Mister Reid - 

6 months! How time flies! You were a sick little dude this month. What a trooper you were. It broke my heart to have you so sick, but I’m so glad that you are finally doing better. Here’s what your 5th month brought:

You are sitting up! Forget rolling, you hate it. You want to be up, either in the Bumbo, standing in your exersaucer, or sitting on the floor. You just want to be able to see all the action, and watch your sister fly around the room. 

You started solids. You tried them about a month ago, but you weren’t ready yet (as was evidenced by the pooping in the middle of the night), so we waited a few more weeks. Sometimes you love it, sometimes you don’t, but you’re getting used to the idea. Sweet potatoes, squash, and applesauce are your favorites. 

This month began with a visit to the ER. We went to church and you threw up 3 times within 2 hours, the last time being green. It was scary! You were pale and clammy and just not yourself. So, I called the pediatrician and they said to take you to the ER to rule out a bowel obstruction. Fortunately they checked you out and said you were just fine and it was most likely just a virus, but it was a scary couple of hours for your parents! And then to top it all off, you came down with a bad cold just a week later. It was an ugly few weeks. 

Prior to getting sick, you were starting to sleep so well. You were finally doing a long morning nap, not being swaddled for naps, and sleeping all night in your bed (even though you were waking up 2-3 times a night). This does not sound like much, but it was progress! Then you got sick. And it all went down the tubes. I’m hoping we will get back to that soon!

You are quite the little flirt with the women. You will smile at just about any lady you see with that big toothless grin and those baby blues. Sweetest thing ever. 

You weighed in at 18 lbs at your 6 month check. You’re exactly one pound heavier and one inch longer than your sister was at 6 months, with a much smaller head circumference. I feel like you’re finally filling out and chunking up. I love those leg rolls! 

You’re starting to get a little attached to Mama. You cry when I’m not in your direct line of sight. You whimper when someone else tries to hold you. It’s not as bad as it was with your sister, but it makes me a little nervous for the future! (But thanks for loving me, little guy...I love you too!)

That’s about it, Mister. You’re getting so big, so fast. Slow down, ok???

Mama and Dada