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The Byron Clan

Sunday, November 15, 2009

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So proud...

...of this guy:

On November 7th Chad ran the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon.

Here he is at the start

The half took the runners around downtown Indy. Above is the capitol building.

While Chad was running, I went and checked out the finish line. Pretty, isn't it?

I had a few hours on my hands, so I decided to check out the canal.

My campus is actually really close to where Chad was running, so I took some pictures over there as well. Above is the library.

This is my building

Downtown Indy

As I was waiting for Chad to finish, I saw the first Marathon runner come in. He was averaging about a 5 minute mile.

Chad is in the red--in the middle of the picture
Here he is!

Great job, Chad!

Halloween '09

A few days before Halloween, I received a phone call from my nephew Zachary asking if Chad or I could help him carve a Thomas the Tank Engine pumpkin. So when Saturday rolled around, Zach was pretty excited to carve pumpkins.

Look at that smile!

Here we are carving. I was helping Zach.

About five minutes into carving, I was still carving Zach's pumpkin while he played with someone's iPod Touch under the kitchen table. =)

My pumpkin

We helped the kids get ready for Trick-or-Treating. Mike and Greg were clowns.

Chad's pumpkin

Alexa the Vampire

We went to Jen and Jim's neighbor's Halloween party. They had a candy corn guessing game, where you had to guess how many corns were in the container. Zach won! (Or should I say Jen won?)

Mike's puking pumpkin

Thomas - Mine and Zach's pumpkin

Greg's pumpkin

The clowns, the vampire, and Thomas

Tuckered out after a long day of Halloween fun!

Covered Bridge Festival

Parke County, Indiana is the covered bridge capital of the world, with a grand total of 30 bridges. We decided to take a drive one Sunday afternoon and visited some of them during the Covered Bridge Festival.

We love Indiana in the Fall with all the pretty trees and colors

The Feast of the Hunter's Moon '09

Each year around early October, Lafayette hosts the Feast of the Hunter's Moon. It is a re-creation of the annual Fall gathering of the French and Native Americans, which took place at Fort Ouiatenon (a fur trading post in the mid 1700's). Jen and Jim started going when they were here while Jim was working on his Master's and we've gone on and off since then. When we decided to come to Purdue, this was one of the things I was most excited about. We go mostly for the food =)

Arriving bright and early, headed to get some hot cider


Zachary with his croquinole, a delicious cinnamon donut

Mike and Greg


The most amazing corn on the cob

The clan down by the river

Fort Ouiatenon is such a pretty place during the Fall!