The Byron Clan

The Byron Clan

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Visitors Part 2

We all went to Krohn Conservatory one morning trying to see the butterfly exhibit but we were a day late. It was still fun to go through the Conservatory to see all the beautiful foliage, however. 

 Mom & Dad Byron

 Shaunzi and Addi (Shaunzi is now serving her mission in Houston, TX. They're lucky they get her for the next 18 months!)

 This is how it usually is trying to get a picture of Addi. She is a busy, busy gal, so getting her to stop for one second so I can take a decent picture is pretty much impossible.

 Taking a minute to stop and smell the flowers.

 Reading stories with Travis.

We also went to a Red's game, some of us went canoeing down the Little Miami River, and took a trip to King's Island--none of which I have pictures of unfortunately. It was so fun to have them out for a few days, though! Come back anytime!

More Visitors

Shortly after we returned from Hilton Head, we had some more visitors! Chad's parents and younger sister and brother came to visit from Utah. It was so fun to have them. The week was packed full of fun activities as we tried to show them the very best parts about our little Cincinnati.

One day, we headed downtown to check out the P&G corporate offices, where Chad works.

 Cute Shaunzi and Travis

Addi sitting at Dada's desk. 

It's always fun to head downtown, and I'm glad we were able to show off Chad's workplace!